My name is Mark and I am a Tarot Reader.

I was drawn to the Tarot cards most of my adult life, but for many years I did as many people do and dismissed their potential.

Once I got a deck and started learning about the way the Tarot works, I picked up on it very quickly.  Tarot opened up an intuitive side of me, and I seemed to be able to see things in the cards that others didn't. I shied away from reading for anyone other than friends because it felt too easy - like I was simply stating the obvious.

One day at a street fair my Lady told someone that I could read her cards, even though I wasn't 'prepared' and had never read for a stranger before. The reading went much smoother than I expected, and the lady was so happy that I could validate her feelings and offer suggestions to help change some things in her life.

I started reading for others after that and have learned and grown with each spread of the cards.

For information about my Tarot Readings and how to schedule one, please visit my Readings Page.

Starcat comes from a reading I did several years ago at a street fair. A young lady wanted a reading and her friends wanted to watch.  Since it was her reading and she said it was OK, we went through a spread with about 10 people standing around us.  After doing my best to look only at the lady across from me and the cards for about 15 minutes, the reading was coming to a close.  Instead of asking what she thought of the reading, if it made sense to her and if she had any questions, I asked her if the people around us would think that it was an accurate reading.

The silence was broken as everyone started talking about how much I seemed to know about her and the kind of person she was, and pointing out different cards and comments that had come out in the reading.  One lady looked at me and said that I should call myself "Starcat" because of my forearm tattoo and a pendant of Bast in front of a pentagram that I wear.  It was a name I had been looking for, and it stuck.

My blog is intended to help people connect around the Tarot.  Some of the posts are aimed at the Seeker who isn't sure what Tarot reading is all about. Some posts are for the Reader to look at things from a newcomer's point of view.

All posts are intended to help us think about what we are doing, no matter which side of the cards we are on.

Thank you for visiting and please enjoy yourself here!