Friday, July 12, 2019

Don't Waste Our Time

I do readings for the Free Tarot Network and the Free Reading Network.  As the names state, these readings are free. I do this as a way to give back some of the time and teaching that has been given to me, as well as to learn different ways to look at the cards when there is a limitation to the spread.
The Free Tarot Network offers a one card reading and that can make it difficult to answer a complex question without some careful consideration.

One major problem with these sites, and with many of the phone lines I have worked in the past, is that people seem to conflate Tarot Reading with Mind Reading. There are a lot of people who feel that giving any context to their question somehow provides the Reader with 'too much detail' that the Reader should be able to figure out themselves 'if they are any good'.

Today I got the question,"Is he truly happier now?"  Let's look at this for a minute and see what is missing.

1) Who is "he"?
2) What was his relationship to the querent?
3) How long have they been apart?
4) What is the need for the querent to know about this person's situation (are they looking to see if he is OK or is this a way to dig into what is going on in his life)?

Without some basic information this question cannot be answered accurately. Yet many people feel that offering details makes the reading less 'real' because a 'real' Tarot reader doesn't need details - they will 'know' without having them spoken aloud.

The truth is that most Tarot Readers are not able to read minds.  If you want to ask a question then the best thing you can do is provide some context so that the Reader can understand how the cards relate to the question being asked.

I can't tell you why your banana bread was too dense and lacking flavor if I don't know what you put into it.  I certainly can't tell you what 'he' is doing when I don't even know which 'he' you are referring to.

So instead of wasting our time together, make sure that you offer the necessary details to help give your question some context.  The results will be better, and that is basically what every Tarot Reader wants - to give you the best reading that they can.

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